Heavy Equipment Training

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Session Dates
Courses start every 6 weeks throughout the year. Enrollment pre-requisites include being at least 18 years of age and have a grade 10 level of English.

March 6th
April 17th
May 29th
July 10th
August 21st
October 2nd
November 13th                                          

Heavy Equipment Course
  • Tractor – Loader – Backhoe (TLB)
  • Front Wheel Loader
  • Crawler Dozer
  • Excavator
  • Track Skid Steer - Basic
  • Compactor/Vibrator Sheep’s Foot (Packer)

Course Outline
Knowledge Objective
Technical Learning
47.5 hours
  • Heavy Equipment Dimension & Stability
  • Machine Controls & Operation
  • Pre-trip inspection and Post-trip procedures
  • Safety, OHSA Hand Signals and Maintenance
  • Utilities, Planning the Job and Set-up
  • Personal Protection Equipment, Job site health
  • Job Site Prep & Clean-up
  • Safety meetings
  • Heavy Equipment Operating Techniques
  • Resume/Cover Letter & Job Searching
Skill Objectives
In the field
152.5 hours
  • Understand operation and maintenance manuals
  • Recognize equipment problems, complete
    maintenance, service & fuel reports
  • Complete Pre-trip/Post-trip procedures, clean,
    grease, fueling
  • Safely operate heavy equipment and use hand
  • Assess ground conditions, material
  • Understand utility markings/stakes/basic
  • Plan the job site, set up & clean-up
  • Install/remove heavy equipment attachments
  • Dig near a wall, straight wall cuts and mirror
  • Trenching, safety steps, sloping
  • Backfilling, compaction, leveling & basic grading
  • Building ramps, swales & ditches
  • Determining weight of material for tire
  • Loading and dumping with wheel loader
  • Trench crossing & maneuvers with
  • Basic Load & Secure
Proficiency Objectives – entry level
  • excavator operation
  • grading and compacting
  • backhoe operation
  • loader operation
  • dozer operation
  • skid steer operation